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The What...?

It’s no secret that we’re in a mental health crisis. There has never been a time where the wellbeing of our employees has been more important, especially those working in what is renowned as the UK’s most stressful sector, recruitment. 

A recent study by Deloitte found that poor mental health now costs UK employers £56,000,000,000 per year, an average of £1,723 per employee per year. However in an industry where 82% of consultants suffer from chronic stress at work, we can safely say this figure is much higher.

The How...?

This is exactly the reason why we have created THE POWERMIND, a wellbeing platform designed solely with the mental health of recruiters in mind.

With our ‘Team Membership’ approach, your workforce will have access to a variety of different services from professionally filmed video content, newsletters, events, community fitness groups, podcasts, local counsellors and additional service providers to not only support the wellbeing of your staff, but to build mental health into the culture of your business. WE take care of your wellbeing strategy so YOU can focus on your business.


The Why...?

The PowerMind was borne out of many years and 1,000’s of conversations with recruitment industry people through The Power Hive, which itself is an ever-growing Recruitment Leaders Network Community based in Manchester, England.

This includes conversations with agency CxOs, Owners and Recruitment Leaders and pretty much everyone in-between who works in the industry.

This also includes many conversations and meetings with experts and professionals from the Mental Health and Well Being communities.

The PowerMind was created with one purpose in mind: 

To provide every individual in the recruitment industry with the correct, professional advice & support through a significant, and growing number of Mental Health and Well Being experts.

We have achieved this through building, The PowerMind App and The Finance Hub and through many expert Videos, Podcasts, Interviews, and Newsletters content from the professionals within our fully comprehensive Therapy Hub and Well Being Hub.

We have also built a digital Well Being Tracker, which is a questionnaire for any member of The PowerMind to confidentially answer questions in 6 areas that are professionally deemed to have the largest effect on a person’s mental health and well-being.

These factors for your reference are: Social, Financial, Career, Physical, Psychological, and Intellectual.

The PowerMind is made for recruiters, by recruiters and is the only recruitment focused and fully comprehensive Mental Health and Well Being Digital Programme.

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